Interested in becoming a Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF)?

The following providers offer CDF classes in the Mid-Atlantic Region:

Programs run by Janet Wall

Programs run by the Workforce Excellence Group

Later you must register with the Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE) to become a GCDF.



O*Net Online, Occupational Outlook Handbook and the Bureau of Labor Statistics each offer a wealth of career information on numerous occupations including salary information, projected growth for that job and necessary education level, knowledge, skills and abilities.

JibberJobber helps you manage your relationships. It allows you to track who you have contacted and when you need to do so again. The basic memberships is free. Paying for the service offer additional features.

Quintcareers and JobHunt are useful for general career information, advice and plenty of resources.

If you live in Anne Arundel County, Maryland go to an Anne Arundel One Stop Career Center for free job search help. If you live anywhere else in the US, use this tool to search by zip code or city to find your local workforce development office for free job search assistance.



These may not be scientifically validated but they are free and can be a starting point in your self assessment and career exploration.

To find your “temperament” you can use the Keirsey Temperment Sorter. This free assessment will suggest your temperament type and brief summary.

To find a Myers Briggs type code click on this link and then choose the Free Jung Typology Career Indicator. This free assessment will suggest your type and a brief explanation of what the means.

Take a brief assessment to get started on knowing your Enneagram Personality Type. Use this free sampler assessment.