“As a seasoned user of LinkedIn since 2006, I felt I had a strong LinkedIn profile, but I found Paula’s advice in our individual session extremely beneficial. Her customized evaluation and suggestions to improve my profile were excellent. Paula provided feedback on both the visual presentation and the written content. Whether you want to fine-tune your profile or need a complete overhaul, I strongly recommend consulting with Paula on how best to utilize LinkedIn to improve your professional presence on LinkedIn.”  — Dawna Reeves, Career Counselor

“Paula was integral in my search for a new job.  I had close to no online presence and needed to change that.  I hired Paula and we worked remotely to ensure that I had the requisite information on my LinkedIn Profile page.  Paula also spent time with me explaining the tools of LinkedIn in order to help me be more successful in my search and stand out to recruiters.  I have since been contacted organically by recruiters and I continue to recommend Paula to those endeavoring their own job search.”  — SD, Washington, DC

“LinkedIn has become a critical job-searching tool, and Paula Brand has made a name for herself as an expert in how to use this tool effectively.  She offers regular training sessions on LinkedIn to her fellow career professionals, and has become our “go to” person to learn about the latest tricks and techniques.  Her easygoing style and clear, step-by-step instructions take all the anxiety out of dealing with a new technology.  Whether you are a job-seeker looking for targeted guidance on using LinkedIn, or a career professional considering a training course or even some individualized consultation, Paula is a great resource.”

— Karen James Chopra – LPC, MCC, NCC, chopracareers@comcast.net, www.Chopracareers.com



“In my book, trust and knowledge are key components to a successful partnership. Paula is someone who I trust and she has provided insight that she has gained from real world experience. She is also a great listener. How can you effectively help your client, if you don’t understand their needs? I highly recommend teaming with Paula to guide you through your career transition.”  — Betsy A., Experienced Sales Professional

“Great ideas, great energy. Hence, Paula provides great results!”  —  C.R., Annapolis

“So yeah, career change successful!  I’m now officially, professionally a Web Developer.  A thousand thanks to you for helping me take the first steps, in what I hope is a long and prosperous journey” …. and two years later... “I’m in such a good place now that I simply could not have imagined when I first reached out to you about career exploration, and I want to once again thank you for your part in this journey.”   — James Foster, Odenton, MD

“When I first started working with Paula, I was dissatisfied in my role at work.  I could not place my finger on it, but I wanted more.  I wanted to jump to the next level in my career.  My first session with Paula I had told her I wanted to branch out from Human Resources to more of an Organizational Development Role.  I was confident of this. I had completed analysis of my personality, my skills, and felt like this was a direction I could head into.  Paula walked me through a series of questions to help me focus on this goal.  She set up some tasks for me to dig more into this, explore it more, and even taught me how to take charge of my LinkedIn page to get attention on that.  It worked!  Only, the more I explored the more I realized that wasn’t what I was searching for.  Paula had asked me in my first visit if I had considered coaching; I shrugged it off.  I hadn’t thought about it since I was 14 and called all my friends after learning what a coach was and declared that was my future.  That was a lifetime ago, so I said no.  As I kept at it, I found coaching was a skill that when applied to my current role at work, brought me great satisfaction and was rewarding.   I explored my passions and found a way to bring it into my volunteer work and feel joy in my work there as well.  In the end, Paula’s tools, skills, and ability to reach in deep and help you find yourself was rewarding for me and I found myself with a promotion in less than a year.  In addition, after reviewing my resume and how it aligned with my goals, I started aligning my work with those goals, and found that what I was looking for was there.  I just had to focus on it, and when I did my leadership saw that and opened up more opportunities.  Since working with Paula, I have clearer focus, a feeling of accomplishment, knowledge of my options, the tools to get there if I needed; but more importantly, satisfaction in my present company and reaping the rewards of finding who I am and aligning it with my company and personal goals.”  — RM, HR Professional

“….As a career professional, she is an absolute advocate and a source of valuable information,tips, and resources for her clients. Her extensive experience, diverse skills, and commitment to her clients allow her to creatively partner with them as they define and succeed in reaching their goals. She inspires trust, and is worthy of it…Her active involvement in some of the major professional associations in our state and region demonstrates her passion for the career development field….She is an asset to our field.”

— Shahrzad Arasteh – GCDF, CPRW, Career Counselor, http://www.careerconsultmd.com



“Paula gave an excellent presentation on LinkedIn at Washington College.  By request, she went beyond the profile and gave concrete, detailed and actionable information on how to engage within LinkedIn.  She was very thoughtful and engaging with the students and they were genuinely interested and learning!   Even after the event, we continued to receive wonderful feedback from students and faculty about the high value of her workshop.  We plan to have her back to share more of her wisdom.  Thank you Paula for bringing your knowledge, current research and passion for LinkedIn to us!” — Vicky Sawyer, Career Counselor at Washington College

“Thank you Paula, you made it so clear! I’ve been on LinkedIn for several years, but never got it. Now I understand it (LinkedIn) better!” — Sue Edwards Realtor, Coldwell Banker Innovations

We brought Paula to St. John’s to present to students on the basics of setting up a LinkedIn profile and how to start taking advantage of its features. As a career counselor, I thought I knew a lot about LinkedIn, but I found myself taking pages of notes as well! Paula is an engaging speaker who keeps your attention for the entire workshop – our time with her flew by! She is very knowledgeable about the topic and meticulous in her preparation for a session. She really tailors her material to the audience, which in our case is a unique segment of the higher education population. We held a focus group recently with students on campus, and many of them mentioned how much they enjoyed her workshop (a year later!) and hoped we’d host her again. We’re in the process currently of bringing her back for a more advanced workshop, and know students will enjoy this one as well.  — Jaime Deafenbaugh Dunn, Director of Career Services at St. John’s College

Paula’s presentation, “Creating an Effective LinkedIn Profile,” was very well received by our patrons.  Her efficient yet informative delivery emphasized the basics of navigating the site for those just starting out.  She was thorough in her breakdown of the LinkedIn profile and how to utilize each part to one’s advantage when job seeking.  Thanks to Paula for demystifying the more confusing features, such as endorsements and the degrees of connection.

— Jesse Roth, Branch Manager, Broadneck Community Library

“I just wanted to say thank you for a great presentation on Monday afternoon. As I said in class, I have been on Linkedin for some time but it’s just been haphazardly. You brought some specifics to light and gave me some great ideas on how to rework my Linkedin profile and content. I’m now ready to jump in and actually do something with a specific purpose. Thanks again.” —  Larry Riggs, Real Estate Agent at Re/Max Achiever 

“I am an avid and active LinkedIn user.  I have taught others to use LinkedIn, but I learned several new aspects when I attended Paula\’s workshop and presentation on the topic. She had some very excellent ideas and suggestions which we should all put to use.”  — Dr. Janet Wall, CDFI, MCDP, SMMS, Author & Career Assessment Guru



“Thank you so much!  I wouldn’t have been ready for this interview if it weren’t for you” — L.T. Project Manager 



I have been a referral marketing entrepreneur for 25 years. The lifestyle this affords me lends itself to having opportunities to pursue whatever I enjoy doing or find interesting. Among those pursuits is leadership development training for corporations and executive coaching. I accept a dozen engagements per year and it is all word of mouth, so I do no marketing. Recently, I was asked by an organization if I would be part of a consortium they were assembling to serve coaching and training needs for a specific high level organization. It sounded like it might be a fun project so I said yes. In order to be part of the fun, they told me a resume was required. I chuckled and told them that I didn’t possess a resume and hadn’t for a long long time! Having no clue how to create an ample resume, and no interest in learning, I contacted someone I trusted and asked who might show me the way. This is how I met Paula Brand. In a short period of time she took what for me was a daunting task, and helped me accomplish what I needed smoothly and painlessly. I would highly recommend Paula. She is very good at what she does, but even more, she is a pro. She is client focused and delivers. You can trust her.

— Todd Burrier, Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur, Westminster, MD




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